Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my school is utilizing SafeStop services?
Download the SafeStop app, available via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, fill in your required personal information, and search for your school or district by ZIP/postal code. You can also visit our website at and click “Sign Up or Renew Your Subscription Now” and search for your school or district by entering in your home Postal Code. If your home Postal Code does not populate your district/school, we suggest using the Postal Code of your school. You can also download the SafeStop app on your phone, choose “Create An Account” and follow the same steps.
How do I request SafeStop services for my school?
If your school did not appear in the list of schools we service, you may click on the “Get SafeStop in Your School” option. This will bring you to a request form to fill out and send to SafeStop Support. We will need to work with your school or district in order to launch the service. Please allow for 1-2 business days for a response.
How do I register for SafeStop, once I know my school is eligible?
Download SafeStop from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Open the SafeStop app and click on “Create an Account”, then follow the steps to complete your registration. Depending on your school or district’s choice, you will need either a Student ID number or an Access Code that was distributed by your school. Make sure to have your child’s Student ID number or your Access Code ready when you try to register.
Where can I find my student's Access Code or Student ID?
Our registration process is designed to be both secure and straightforward. Depending on your school, district, or transportation system, you will need either an Access Code or a valid Student ID in order to gain access to SafeStop. If you do not know your Student ID number or did not receive the Access Code, we will provide you with directions from the school or district to locate it, or an appropriate contact person on your school or district’s dedicated registration page.
Do I have to renew my subscription each school year?
Yes – and renewing is easy! Simply login to SafeStop either in the app or via, using your email and password from last school year. Once you login, select the option that says “Activate Account”, then follow the steps to renew your account. Remember to have your child's updated Student ID or Access Code available for this process, as these may change year to year.
When I type my email in, to create an account, it says "Invalid Email Format.":
“Invalid Email Format” will continue to show until you have completed typing your initial email and confirmation email in. If you are still receiving this error message, confirm there are no spaces before or after the email address you have entered.
What is the red line that keeps reloading across the top of my screen in my account?
This red line lets you know how long it will be before our system receives new information about your child’s bus. Every 30 seconds, our system searches for the bus’s most recent location. We use that information to provide you with a map view, as well as an Expected Arrival Time in most cases. If your bus is en route and you are not seeing the bus moving on the screen after at least three updates of our system, please use the Report An App Issue feature in your account, as there may be an issue with your bus’s GPS unit.
How do I reset my password?
Your password can be changed by opening the app or visiting and clicking on the “Forgot Password”” link. This will send a password reset link to your email.
How do I add a Sub-Account to my SafeStop account?
If you need an additional account so that another family member or caregiver can access SafeStop, here are the steps to follow: 1) Open the app and login using your own email/password. 2) Tap on the Settings icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen. 3) Select “Manage Account”. 4) Select the school or jurisdiction for which you would like to create a sub-account. 5) Click “Manage Sub-Accounts”. 6) Enter the email address of the person for which you would like to create a sub-account and assign them a password. From there, that person should be able to download the SafeStop app and log in using the credentials you just created.
The Map View bus locator is not working/The bus icon is not moving on the map. What does that mean?
If Map View is not working on your app, please use the Report An App Issue feature and make sure to report to your bus stop at the scheduled time to avoid missing the bus. In SafeStop, a bus is assigned to your route. Your transportation department is responsible for ensuring the correct bus is assigned to your route in our system, even if an alternate bus is being used. When you report this issue, we will work with your local transportation department to have that issue resolved as soon as possible.
Why do I not see a bus icon in the Map View?
For safety purposes, tracking of the bus is only enabled while the route is in progress. Outside of this period of time, the map will only show a pin at your stop location, and may appear zoomed in very close. When your route is about to begin again, the map will zoom back out and the bus icon will appear. If your route is in progress and you still do not see a bus icon, use the Report An App Issue feature to let your transportation department know.
How do I receive notifications?
When you download the SafeStop app, you will have the option to receive Push Notifications. Push Notifications are messages that appear on your mobile device, even when the app is closed. These alerts are sent by the SafeStop team or your transportation department when there are important updates that will affect your transportation, such as early releases, late starts, or unplanned disruptions. If you downloaded the app previously, but now wish to enable Push Notifications, you may access this option in your phone settings. [Inside the app, all Alerts and Messages can be viewed by tapping the message box icon in the top right corner of your dashboard.]
I received a message stating my student is not in the SafeStop System. What does that mean?
If your SafeStop system requires a Student ID, this means we were provided a student roster of eligible riders by the school or district. Most often when the SafeStop system does not recognize a Student ID, it is because the student is not currently eligible or registered for transportation services with your school or district. If you receive this message and feel the information is incorrect, please contact the school or district's Administration Office to verify your student's eligibility and Student ID number. For security purposes, SafeStop is not legally authorized to give out any personal information related to students attending the schools we service. Once you have obtained the proper Student ID for your student, please return to the SafeStop app to complete the registration process.
I have two students attending different schools/using different routes. How do I set this up in my app?
If your students attend schools that are inside different SafeStop environments (ex. The High School District is operated separately from the Elementary School District), you will need to complete the registration process for each school using each Student ID number or that unique Access Code provided by the administration, depending on what the registration requirements are for each. Once you successfully register for one of your children, tap the Settings menu icon in the lower right corner of the app, then select “Add School or District”, search for your school or district by your ZIP/Postal Code, and then fill out the required security field(s) to complete your registration for the additional child.
I completed the registration, but my screen is blank:
If you see the “Add A Bus Stop” option at the bottom of your home page, you will need to select that first. From there, you can search for your bus stop by entering in your home address. A list of routes should appear, each with available bus stops you can add to your account. If you do not see this option at the bottom of your screen, please use the Report An App Issue feature to let your transportation department know that you route or bus stop information is incorrect or incomplete. They are responsible for keeping the routes and student rosters up to date in our system.
How do I add a stop to my app?
[Note: Certain schools or districts may use your Student ID to determine what routes and bus stops automatically appear in your account. If this is the case, you may not be able to add bus stops to your account. If your information is incorrect or incomplete, you can use the Report An App Issue feature in the Settings area of your account and your transportation department will confirm any changes needing to be made.] *If available, tap on the “Add a Bus Stop” button on the bottom of your dashboard. After entering your home address or bus stop address, click “Search” and the available routes will appear below. Select a route to reveal the bus stops on that route. Then, to add a bus stop to your account, tap the empty box next to the bus stops you wish to add to your account so that a check mark appears in that box. When you have finished adding the bus stops you wish to track, press the red check mark in the upper right corner of the screen to return to your dashboard. *If you do not see the option to "Add a Bus Stop", then you may contact your local transportation to request the addition/change of your stop.
My saved stop/route is no longer visible on my account:
When this is the case, most likely the route either has no bus assigned to the route at the time, or the route is no longer active. If there is no bus assigned to the route at the time, your saved stop will disappear temporarily until another bus is assigned to that route. If the route is no longer active, either SafeStop will inform you via notification, or your school’’s administration will inform you.
The map does not show a bus on the screen. Why is only showing a pin locating my bus stop?
As a parent or rider, you are only allowed to view the location of the bus during the route time (plus some additional minutes before and after). This is a security feature to prevent misuse. Check back when the route is scheduled to be in progress and you should see a bus icon updating on the map indicating where the bus is.